Textile assembly is an open door to endless variations of assembly combinations on all types of media intended for all types of markets. The combination of these elements aims to offer superior technical characteristics.

Rovitex offers a set of laminated textiles whose objective is to combine different mechanical properties, in particular using PTFE, Polyester and recycled Polyester membranes, polyamide, nano membranes or even PVD in order to provide breathable, waterproof, blackout notions. , but also textile assemblies to bring notions of shapewear, elasticity or even assemblies using wool wadding, foam, pes wadding in order to provide thermal comfort & insulation.

There are no limits in assemblies.

Rovitex offers and provides a complete solution to these customers:


Respect for people and the environment
Permanent innovation
Continuous improvement
Autonomy and transparency
Versatility & training

offer a complete solution to our customers.